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Measuring emotional wellbeing in communities Together tracks kids' engagement in community activities and measures the impact these have on their emotional health.
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The Problem

Mental Health issues cost the UK £70 billion per year with 1 in 5 people suffering from poor mental health.

The TAMHI charity works with a wide number of community sports clubs to deliver sporting activities that promote positive mental health amongst youths in Northern Ireland.

These clubs provide more than just a few hours of training, they are changing and shaping lives every day – this is difficult to quantify, but is a key metric needed by clubs when applying for funding as funders require both qualitative and quantitative evidence to justify investment.

How I Helped

I worked with TAMHI to create the Together app under the Techies in Residence programme, a local initiative designed to partner local non-profits with technical talent to solve existing problems with technology.

Together tracks kids' engagement in community activities and measures the impact of these on their emotional well-being over time. This data can be used to uncover mental health issues in the early stages, so the required intervention and support can be provided.

The app also quantifies and reports the impact that clubs are having on mental well-being, allowing them to provide the evidence needed for funding applications.

Community Reports

Together provides club and community-level reporting on kids' engagements with activities within their community.

Together Community Reports

Resillience Measuring

Emotional well-being used is measured using the children and youth resilience measure algorithm. Together provides multi-level scores in its reports:

  • Individual resilience score
  • Sports club score
  • Community-wide score
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